Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dancing at the 60th Annual Emmys

So in case you didn't hear, I danced at the Emmy's with Josh Groban. :) It was such a great experience. (I'm third from Josh).

Some rehearsal pictures.

Overall, WOW, what a surreal experience. We'll start with rehearsals...

We had about one hour to learn the little "Rockette style" routine AND get fitted before we actually went to the Nokia to rehearse with Josh. Yeah, Josh Groban, my mom was freaking out about that one.

When it came down do doing our big number in front of producers...we were horrible. Something non-dancers should know, there is a HUGE reason for dress rehearsal...the stage was so huge we kept running into each other and kicking, sliding, etc...PLUS we had to change all the choreography (and costumes...glad we had that HUGE fitting the night before, right?) once we got there. We felt a little bit like remedial can-can dancers and weren't really surprised that we were asked to stand behind Lauren Conrad (The Hills) and face the wall...but that is a whole different story...

Josh Groban was a wonderful person to work with, so friendly and approachable. He came in and shook all our hands introducing himself, "Hi! I'm Josh." etc etc. We were like..."Yeah, we know" (blush). I guess you just think mega stars will just be like..."of course you know who I am, muahhaha...commoner! Now get to dancing!" Yeah, that's not how it went down. Props to him for taking on such a challenge to sing that song with so many different characters. After working on voice over myself, my hat really goes off to such an incredible vocal talent.

Backstage with Josh after the performance.
During rehearsals, the stadium was filled with large head shot photos of actors' seating arrangements.

Just me and Marcia...

ANYWAY, It was a long night of rehearsals, fittings, changing outfits, getting fitted again, and when rehearsals were over I was wishing that I had a new set of feet and hamstrings.

Here's the performance...we come out after the Rawhide clip...

When it came time to dance we all felt a little weak in the knees, but the adrenaline rush that comes when you hear the music, see the lights of the audience, and watch the girl in front of you walk into the stage light, somehow manages to put you in the necessary "performance trance" and all went great. Now its just time that I lobby with Tony D. to get me on one of the production numbers for "Dancing with the Stars." :) It's fun to revive my dancing career every now and then.

So to finish off what's left of my memory of the Emmy's...A few photos

Yesenia and Lorena at rehearsals.

Dakota, Mimi, Hilary, Lorena in the green room

Just a little LUCY!

And a great time was had by all...


anetnut said...

WOW, you are one lucky person and all the talk over on the Friends Of Josh Groban board. You even have your own thread! :) We are insanely jealous. ;) You all did a terrific job. I'd be so scared I just couldn't do it, even if it were next to Josh. They'd have to tranquilize me. I never did like getting up in front of the class... That Emmy performance of his has sparked a ton of talk on the boards. AMAZING! Thanks for such an awesome blog post!

jiujiu said...

wow, thank you for this post and the beautiful pictures! I saw your performance and I will never forget it, that's for sure ( You were the first dancers to work with Josh on stage, how can I ever forget you? :P) keep up the good job!

Hilary Fleming said...

Wow thanks guys :)

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