Sunday, July 13, 2008

It's about time for an update...

Well, hmmm considering that the last blog entry was over a year ago, time to do some updating. :)

For the last eight months, I have traded in my acting auditions for a full-time job hosting and producing for a new ballroom website called I have missed the creative side of acting but have loved exploring the hosting world.

I have done everything from being content producer for fun, dance-related topics to calling the shots with instructional on-line dance lessons. (If you've always wanted to learn how to dance...get your pocket book ready...we launch in September). I have done over 40 voice over pieces, from instructional lessons to promos. I have been on-camera hosting and interviewing top dancers from hit TV shows like "Dancing with the Stars," and "So you think you can dance?" Since I started out dancing, it has been a fun balance to work both on and off camera with a topic I am so passionate about.

I have included some of the pieces we have done below. For more info, check out or join us at

Find more videos like this on Ballroom Dance Channel Social

Our site lauches in September so be sure to check it out.

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