Friday, April 27, 2007

Welcome to my Blog

Welcome to the official Hilary Fleming blog.

I will be posting updated career info, thoughts and ideas so you can keep up with the ins and outs of an aspiring artist. :)

I have several projects in development. I am developing a web-based series with Gretta Parkinson (Hollywood Reporter) and Rachel MacKay Smart (Oxygen). Think Napoleon Dynamite meets Sex and the City. We are scheulded to begin filming in late May. Check in soon for more updates and links to view our original content. :)

Thanks for visiting. :)

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Em said...

Greets Hilary. You may or may not remember me from London study abroad. That's okay. I saw your Bridal shots on A little Sussy's blog and freaked out "I KNOW HER!"
So happy to see you doing so many fun things! You're gorgeous, per usual. Cheers!

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